philadelphia rockandroll star Kenn Kweder

It’s the return F2K’s most popular guest, musician and songwriter Kenn Kweder. Our two-part episodes 6 & 7 squeezed in a lot of Kweder’s story, growing up in Philly and playing hundreds of gigs a year for decades on stages between New York and Baltimore but mainly in and around Philly, where Kweder is nearly a household name. In the year and a half since he has been on the show Kenn has been the subject of a feature-length documentary, ADVENTURES OF A SECRET KID: THE MASS HALLUCINATION OF KENN KWEDER. Directed by John Hutelmyer, the feature has screened locally and is currently playing the festival circuit. We discuss the film and as you’d guess, a lot more in a slightly melancholy conversation in which Kenn recounts a number of friends who have passed away over the years, but also touches on Pokemon, Miley Cyrus, maintaining friendships in the world of social media, playing prisons and casinos, the secrets of Lithuania, Philly free form radio pioneers, the secret accelerator of the cocaine epidemic, and the proper way to handle yourself in a crack house. We’ll hear some excerpts from The Leaves, the mysterious Nikki Jaine and performance poet pioneer Marty Watt. Kenn also brings his guitar and we’ll hear a trio of tunes before the episode runs its course.